Delectable Testimonials

Delectable Testimonials about Jennifer Harshman, The Book Baker

Here, you’ll find just a few of the testimonials authors and others have left for Jennifer Harshman, The Book Baker. She has helped hundreds of people with their writing (usually books) over the years.

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As a bestselling author,I know theeffect that editingand proofreadinghave onthe qualityof abook and itsreviews. When youwrite, you need to hire an editor. It’s crucial to hirea professional. The workJennifer Harshman did on the second edition of my book Money Honey brought it to a whole new level. I already knew that some prettybig names call Jennifer their editor, so I was happy to get herhelp, and I love the result. Trust me: it’s worth giving up lattes forlife to hire her, but youwon’t need to. Her work on your book will help you earn more, and thenmy books will help youkeep and invest more. Go get it.

—Rachel Richards,

bestselling author of Money Honey and Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement, retired at age 28

Author J. Evan Johnson gives a great testimonial for Jennifer Harshman. Cover of a book by J. Evan Johnson: When It's Too Dark To See the Light

“I was recently talking you up to a few writers. I don’t know if I mentioned it to you at all, but you definitely deserve the business. It’s so hard nowadays to find someone who is able and willing to help when it comes to writing and publishing. You do great work! I understand that it’s a business you run here, but it never seems like you let the business overshadow your passion. I have much respect for you just based on that alone.

—J. Evan Johnson, author of the When It’s . . . series

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