Your Book Bakery® session: 12 Weeks to a Nonfiction Manuscript

Image of cover of Your Book Bakery® session: 12 Weeks to a Manuscript makes it easy to write a nonfiction book.

This is our flagship coaching program, and when you see everything that is included for the price of this Your Book Bakery® session, the total value will make the decision a no-brainer. Smart people buy bargains, things that have a high value for the price. And since you’re smart and this is an amazing value for the price, you’re going to want it.

What is contained in this Your Book Bakery® session?

Expert assistance, from picking the topic of your book all the way to typing “The End”

Services included in Your Book Bakery® session

  • Help planning and even writing your book ($10,000 value)
  • Literature Review ($300 value)
  • Advice on titles that sell ($300 value)
  • 12 group-coaching sessions with lessons and Q&A time ($4,800 value)
  • Feedback on your manuscript ($500 value)
  • A one-on-one call with The Book Baker® ($400 value)
  • Advice from guest experts (i.e., cover designers, tax pros, illustrators, bestsellers, speakers—$2,000 value)
  • Your book outline written for you ($500 value)
  • “Say No for Me” Service ($1,000 value)
  • Book-positioning work done for you ($500 value)
  • Daily and weekly accountability ($840 value)
  • A partner to check in and collaborate with (Priceless)
  • Keyword research ($200 value)
  • Daily motivation and communication with The Book Baker® via email ($500 value)
  • Book formatting and interior design ($1,200 value)
  • Instruction on how to get on podcasts before your book is even written, as well as while you’re writing and after it’s published ($500 value)
  • Connection to podcasters who invite authors to promote their books/businesses on the shows (Priceless)

Resources provided

  • Access to part of Jennifer’s library ($1,000 value)
  • A PDF manual for the program with instructions for what to do daily ($100 value)
  • Tips and support regarding self-care, productivity, and motivation ($300 value)
  • A cookbook that saves you time and gives you more time to write ($20 value)
  • DIY Manuscript Cleanup Checklist ($200 value)
  • What to Say When… booklet to help you defend your writing time ($100 value)
  • A list of recommended resources to make things as easy as possible
  • Marketing calendar with social media posts you can copy and paste (or edit) ($200 value)
  • Recorded audios, including meditations and motivation—just push a button for a boost! ($100 value)

Special deals

  • A steep discount on editing services (up to $5,000 value)
  • Special deals with cover designers (up to $700 value)
  • Special deals with book marketers (up to $3,000 value)

Get goodies in the mail

Okay, as if all that wasn’t enough to include in this Your Book Bakery® session, I went a little further and included some treats for you to get in the mail.

  • A physical copy of the book, workbook, and journal, and a digital copy of the book ($50 value)
  • A welcome kit in the mail with lots of goodies, such as a timer, dry erase or chalk board to write your word-count goal on, motivational stickers, sticky notes, and candy ($100 value and lots of fun)
  • A program certificate
  • A secret prize for completing your manuscript on time

Not counting the priceless gifts, that’s more than $32,000 in value for just $2,500!

All that for just $2,500?!


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