This page is full of recommended books that will help you in writing yours. We’ve also included links to books that will help you self-publish your book all by yourself if you’d like. Of course, you can always come to us for help with that!

Recommended Books

Recommended books on writing

This children’s picture book is about a child named Sam who wants to write a book.

Your Book Bakery: Making it easy to write a book

Recommended books include those by The Book Baker, Jennifer Harshman. This is a clickable image of the cover of Your Book Bakery: Making it easy to write a book.

Workbook for Your Book Bakery: Making it easy to write a book

Included in the recommended books are the workbook that goes with Your Book Bakery: Making it easy to write a book, the cover of which is shown in this clickable image.

Struggling to find time to write?

Then you need this book: Make More Time to Write: Batch Cooking.

The Book on Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well

You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

I do have one caveat on Everybody Writes. There are some factual errors in it, such as where the author says the saying is, “If you think ___, you have another thing coming.” It’s actually “If you think ___, you have another think coming.” The saying is a play on words and not a mistake.

The Writer’s Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear

Writing for Money: Dozens of Ways to Boost Your Freelance Writing Income

Writing productivity

I admit to being biased regarding this book. It was written by a client who has become a friend of mine, and I edited it. That said, it is one of the best books I’ve seen for helping writers create systems to get and stay organized and productive.

Here’s another book on writing productivity. Chris Fox has an easygoing, conversational tone that instills a confidence in you that you can in fact do this.

Story structure and how-to

These recommended books on writing are about crafting stories. This is important for nonfiction as well as for fiction.

Recommended books on copywriting

Warning: Writing Killer Cover Copy was designed as website copy or an e-book. The author included links, which we all know can’t be clicked on in a print book (and I have the print version). Get the e-book. The content will help you write your cover copy.

Writing books that sell

If you’re not sure whether what you want to write has a market or will sell, check out these books.

Books on writing articles for magazines

Recommended books on grammar

A book on punctuation


Some recommended books on words:

How to Say It for First-Time Managers

3 Recommended books on quotations


Recommended books on creativity

Books about book marketing

Recommended books on self-publishing

Recommended books on productivity & goal setting

All of these recommended books on productivity & goal setting are good and helpful to a wide variety of people. Atomic Habits is the most accessible and practical book I’ve read on building habits.

Anything by Brian Tracy is worth reading. This book will help you achieve your goals faster than you thought you could.

The best book I’ve ever read on networking and building the networking habit is The Referral of a Lifetime by Tim Templeton. Networking can and should be fun and comfortable for you to do.

The 12 Week Year is great for people who have repeatable tasks in their business. Making multiple sales calls per day, writing a set number of words, and so forth will fit well with this book. For Creatives and others whose work doesn’t break down into metrics like that, this book is less helpful but still good. Consistent action will move anyone forward.

Get Out of Your Own Way is required reading at my house. Dr. Robert K. Cooper takes all the studies and stats and translates it into everyday English. Anyone can understand the Reticular Activating System, amygdala, and other brain structures when reading this book. Learn what “open space goals” are and how they differ from SMART goals. Be more successful when you get out of your own way.

Personality Isn’t Permanent is the best book I’ve read on the myth of personality types and how to become who you want to become. It’s controversial to say “the myth of personality types,” but he has some good points. We do get to decide who we are, and we don’t have to remain trapped in some box someone put us in.

Clockwork is about creating and using systems to free up your time and help you be more productive that way.

First Things First and Getting Things Done are classic recommended books on productivity & goal setting.

Go to Your Book Bakery: 12 Weeks to a Manuscript group-coaching program.