Help getting your book written and published

If you want help getting your book written and published, it’s best to work with someone who has decades of experience and hundreds of success stories doing it. It’s even better if you can find someone who has the experience and skills and who also offers you plenty of options. 

Who does that? 

Jennifer Harshman, The Book Baker. She offers a wide variety of appetizing choices that will all help with getting your book written and published. Here, you’ll find her group coaching program and other products and services that will help you.

Affordable writing help

The most affordable entry point into Your Book Bakery is our sessions in the kitchen: our work/writing sprints. For just $9/mo, you can be motivated, have some company while you write, and experience accountability in real time. Some of the people attending are book bakers—participants in the program that is mentioned below. Some of the work/writing sprint club members are not. 

Work/Writing sprints membership clickable image.


Coaching session

Everyone needs some coaching sometimes, and if you’re like most people, you need help getting your book written and published. If you’re not ready to commit to Your Book Bakery program to do that, or if you want some private coaching from Jennifer in addition to the group coaching, this is for you.

Group-Coaching program

Our signature group-coaching program is a session of Your Book Bakery. It is extremely effective, so if you want help in getting your book written and published, get signed up today. Your Book Bakery is the perfect choice for those who want to write their book in just 12 weeks, and one of the best things about it is that once you’re in, you’re in. If you don’t finish your first draft in those dozen weeks, you can come to the next round—for free. Jennifer is really dedicated to helping you with getting your book written and published!

The Your Book Bakery program covers everything you need to plan, research, organize, outline, and write the first draft of your book’s manuscript. Authors (whether this is their first book or not) are always surprised at how quickly and easily they are able to write their book with the recipe Jennifer Harshman gives them. 

You can write your book in just a few weeks, too, when you know exactly what to put in your book and where. This program is valued at $5,000 by a professional course creator who participated in Your Book Bakery to write her manuscript.

Click this image for the Classic Your Book Bakery Session. The price is currently $2,500.

This group-coaching program, Your Book Bakery: 12 Weeks to a Manuscript, makes it easy to write a nonfiction book.

Click here to get more information on this program.

Self-Serve Option: Self-Paced Writing Course

We also have a self-serve option, which is perfect for those who don’t want as much access to The Book Baker and/or who want to go at a slower pace. 

For the Self-Serve option, priced at $1,000 just click the image below.

Psst! The bakery elves got up to some antics and cut the price on this in half! It’s now $500. Take advantage of it!

Your Book Bakery Self-Serve option

After your book is written, it will need other things, such as editing, formatting, and publishing. We handle it all.

If it looks like you’ve found a one-stop shop for all of your book-baking needs, well, you have! Feel free to contact us.