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Project Management for Writers by Terry Stafford is the book that authors and aspiring writers everywhere need, whether they’ve been aware of that fact or not. Writing a book is quite an undertaking. There are several stages that each have multiple steps in them. Most book projects also have more than one person involved in the production. Aside from the author, there should be one or more editors, a layout artist, a cover designer, and possibly more. Someone has to wear the director’s hat and keep things moving along or the project could stagnate, and the book might never be published. Many a book has died for lack of good project management.

You need Project Management for Writers if you have ever struggled to be productive with your writing. Or if you have trouble juggling all of the different things that you need to do to make enough money with your books. It seems like there are a dozen hats you have to wear as a writer, even if you have a traditional publisher. When do you take off one hat and put on another? Which step comes when?

This is the cover of Project Management for Writers.

As Terry Stafford’s editor and one of his coaches, I can tell you a few things about him. One is that he walks his talk. He doesn’t just say that X will help you. He uses it himself.

Another thing I can say about him is that he is effective and productive. I’ve seen him produce exactly on schedule multiple times, with his novels KentroNational CrossLeft Coast Left, (The links on this page are Amazon affiliate links.) and now Project Management for Writers. When he tells me he will have his manuscript to me the next week, there it is sitting in my inbox on Monday when I start work at 4:00 in the morning. Wouldn’t you love to finish your book exactly when you’d planned to? Your editor would love you!

Terry was a project manager for NASA for more than 20 years, and he put all of his experience and skills to work when he started writing. I have been editing books full-time since 2010, and Terry has the most streamlined and effective project management process I have ever seen in an author. Now he’s sharing it with you. This book will help you make more money with your writing if you use it.

The first step is to click the image above and go buy it now.

Terry Stafford was a project manager for NASA for 24 years. He wrote several books before he wrote Project Management for Writers, and he developed an effective system while writing those books.

Books by Terry Stafford

Strings of Faith is a story of love and loss. It will bring readers to tears and supply some good laughs, too. Terry wrote and had this book edited and published before he became my client.

Kentro, the first in the Brandon McStocker political thriller series, is about the project of moving the United States capital to the exact geographic center of the country. Murder and mayhem ensue. Who’s trying to stop the move?

National Cross is the second in the Brandon McStocker political thriller series. This one is focused on the project management of a major transportation hub that will unite the country. Find out what kinds of hurdles get in the way, and whether Brandon succeeds or fails to complete his massive project.

Left Coast Left is the third in the Brandon McStocker political thriller series. It addresses an issue that has been talked about for many years: whether or not California (and nearby states) should leave the United States. Will the Moderates and Conservatives in this book get what they want, or will the objectors keep the Union together?

Project Management for Writers Is by a Project Manager and Writer

Terry Stafford developed ample experience managing several full writing projects while using his project management skills. He has not only managed his own book projects; he has also helped other authors with their books. Terry has done well, making book projects go as smoothly as possible, and he decided to share his expertise on project management for writers in book form to help other authors manage their own book projects more effectively. It’s a book I recommend in Your Book Bakery sessions and elsewhere. If you don’t already have this book, get it now.