Self-care while writing a book is important

02/27/2023 0 Comments

Self-care while writing a book is important, especially if you’re participating in some kind of boot camp or other intensive program. Your Book Bakery: 12 Weeks to a Manuscript lasts three months, and I encourage participants to participate in self-care every day and to reward themselves throughout the process.

Here’s some material directly from the Your Book Bakery manual I wrote just for participants in that program.

Choose three self-care actions you’ll take on a regular basis throughout this program. It will be indicated by this icon.

icon representing self-care while writing a book

Choose three rewards you’ll give yourself:

  • a small one you’ll partake of daily (a metaphorical cookie, if you will),
  • a medium-sized reward you’ll indulge in once a week (a fictional donut),
  • and one large treat you’ll give yourself at the end (the proverbial cake).

Here are the icons that represent them:

icon that represents a small reward icon that represents a medium rewardicon that represents a large reward

The lists below will give you some ideas for self-care and rewards, but feel free to choose your own.

Activities for self-care while writing a book

Pray or meditate to rest your mind.

Go for a walk.

Listen to music.

Take a bath.

Have a cup of tea or other warm beverage. Click the image to check out this delicious sampler pack.

Take a nap or go to bed early.

Get a massage, Feldenkrais, or other bodywork.

Journal or talk to a friend about how your writing is going. If you need help, book a writing coaching session here.

Rub peppermint lotion on your feet. Click the image for one that’s fitting for The Book Bakery theme.

Do some gentle stretching.

Get in a hard workout.

Eat a salad or other light, nourishing food.

Book an extra counseling session.

Sit in the park or other public place and smile at nature, children, and dogs.

Verbally list things you’re grateful for.

Go horseback riding.

Stargaze from a warm location.

Light a candle or fireplace.

Watch a few minutes of a video of fire or flowing water.

Cheer yourself and others on because you’re doing something wonderful, and it’s going to change the world.


Ordinarily, reading is a great reward, but during this 12-week, intense program, you might want to skip anything with text when it comes to rewarding yourself for making progress on your book. If you do read, I hope you choose fun fluff. Only you can say what is a reward for you, and which things are small, medium, and large rewards. Here’s a list to get the ideas flowing for your self-care while writing a book. Add your own.


Scented candles

Adult coloring books

Horseback riding

A Sunday drive


Acrylic paints—here’s a very inexpensive set to get you started.


A disco ball

Going roller skating

Watching a movie

A new shirt

A new pair of shoes

A new ink pen (This Cross pen is a dream, and my favorite color. Click it.)

Sleeping in


A gym membership

Having a party

Importance of self-care and rewards

What gets rewarded gets repeated. If you want to get your book written, you have to reward yourself for writing. And not just when you’ve completed the manuscript because that takes weeks or longer, but every step along the way. Vary the rewards—small, medium, large. Reward yourself before you write one day. On another day, give yourself a treat right in the middle of your writing session. Some other time, indulge immediately after your writing time is done for the day.

Please set aside time and a little money for self-care while writing a book. The rewards and care don’t have to cost much, and some things won’t cost a dime. Sleep is something that gets neglected but is paramount.

It’s so important to participate in self-care while writing a book. Take good care of yourself, especially when you’re doing something draining, and writing a book in 12 weeks or less is draining, even though it’s effective. Pamper yourself. Your book is worth it.