Using 2 scented candles for focus is smart

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Scented candles for focus

Using scented candles for focus is simple and pleasant, as this woman holding a vanilla candle shows.

Using scented candles for focus

A post related to this one addresses the fact that environment affects productivity. In it, I said I’d tell you about why using scented candles for focus is a choice I made to help me be more productive.

I use two scented candles, one on either side of my giant monitor. They stand right in my line of sight as I sit at my desk, and there are reasons for the flames, the scents, and the candles’ positions. And, of course, they’re usually bakery-themed scents: sugar cookie, apple pie, cinnamon, black cherry, and so on.

Scented candles are a great way to help you focus and stay productive. Whether youre researching for your book or drafting or revising your manuscript, scented candles can help you stay on task and get the job done.

How to choose scented candles for focus

The first thing to consider when using scented candles for focus is the type of scent you choose. Different scents can have different effects on your mental state. For example, citrus scents can help to energize and invigorate you, while smells of lilac and other edible flowers can help create a sense of peace calm. Choose a scent that best suits your needs and helps you stay focused. Once youve chosen a scent, youll want to make sure the candle is placed in the right spot.

You dont want the scent to be too overpowering, so if it’s a stronly scented one or if you’re sensitive to smells, its best to place the candle in a spot where it will not distract you.

When youre ready to start working, light the candle, and let the scent fill the room. The wafting “flavor” will help to create the atmosphere you want, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. As your brain begins to make the association between lighting the candle and working, you will work more efficiently.

Signal the brain to get going with scented candles

The sight of the flames right in front of my screen is a visual signal. The scent of the wax is an olfactory signal. The sense of smell is strongly associated with memory. It can be used to trigger different states.

I also use some other signals, such as Brain Shift Radio and an essential oil diffuser. They all send my brain the message, “It’s time to produce content.” When it is time for me to relax, network, or connect with friends (none of which is producing content), all I have to do is blow out the candles and close BrainShiftRadio.

​Productivity has a smell

Unlit candles do still put off a little scent, but they serve as a visual signal to me. It means I don’t need to be doing anything in particular. It’s not, however, a signal to relax.

How so?

Because I’m relaxed even when the candles are lit and I’m working.


I know all too well that stress is deadly. Lit candles mean steady and relaxed productivity, just as the flames themselves are steady and productive, giving light, heat, and scent as long as they burn.

In addition to using scented candles for focus, I use essential oils. Whether or not there are physiological benefits, using them can definitely help with productivity. It does so by serving as a signal to the brain. This little guy right here tells my brain it’s time to produce.

Great scented candles for focus

There’s another reason I use great scented candles for focus.

  • It carries a reminder that I, like the candles, have a finite amount of energy to burn.
  • I need to use my energy wisely.
  • When it’s used up (or better yet, before), it needs to be replenished.

This realization was nothing short of an epiphany for me. You might want to use candles for the same reasons and benefits. I recommend this sampler pack to help you find candle scents you love. Click the link or this image to see it on Amazon.

To use scented candles for focus, buy a sampler pack like the one this image links to on Amazon.

Here’s to a fragrant increase in your productivity as you bake your book.

Join us in the kitchen for writing sprints, and you can find out which scented candles for focus I’m currently using.

Warning that shouldn’t be needed

Do not eat scented candles. They are not food—some of them just smell like it.

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